It was…

Site specific installation at The Edwardian Cloakroom, Bristol. Smoke, cosmetics, mirror, intermittent performance.

A narrative installation based on messages written by women in horror films. The work continues ongoing research into feminine tropes in film and how, in horror, female protagonists are often the first to perceive a latent threat. This ties into generally held notions that women (along with the young and the insane) are more in touch with their psyches and able to access supernatural knowledge or realms. The title ‘It was…’ is the start of a message left by Amanda Righetti (an author on the paranormal) in Profondo Rosso’s terrifying bathroom scene (Argento, 1975). Used as a title it forms a narrative pathway into the work – words emerge and dissolve through billowing smoke or steam. Physical elements of the installation are composed of cosmetics, smoke and mirrors, with the space providing the perfect horror mise-en-scene.

Made for Ladies’ Room’, an exhibition with Catherine Anyango as part of Crying Out Loud. For more information see